Travelling, always an eye opener

Whether you’re visiting  places you’ve already been or new ones, travelling always teaches you something. And if you say that’s not true, you’re a liar! Think about it, you find out something new about the people of that specific place, food, customs, a smart or a ridiculous tradition. You name it, but you might have not learnt that new thing if it weren’t for that trip.

This past Christmas holidays we were in Latin America for about a month. It was amazing, the sun, the heat, the people, food, oh so many things. But let me look at them in detail.

FAITH is part of every day life there, part of who people are, of the society and I think that this has an impact on the country as a whole, the life style of the people and their happiness.

Sunny skies of Panama

I realised I don’t really care about skying and snow and cold weather. Really, I just want to lay in the SUN, feel warm Pacific water and just enjoy the sounds of exotic places. Cold weather doesn’t make me happy and if I don’t do many things that come with it, that will be fine for me.

The PEOPLE, oh the people are something else. While I can only speak for Panama and Costa Rica, not for the entire Latin America, I can say for sure that they are much happier and loving. It’s like they have some sort of special glasses and they see life from a different perspective. For everything they have, everything they can do they thank God, they have a grateful attitude. It’s amazing how in Western Europe we are never satisfied, we never have enough. If we own an apartment or a house it’s not big enough, the car is not fancy enough and our vacations not exotic enough. Never enough! It’s like we are blind and see can’t see the real value of what we have and all our blessings.

FOOD!!! I love food, I enjoy good food and I enjoy it with such enthusiasm. The food is quite different from the one in Europe and whatever you order it’s a party in your mouth 🙂 It’s rich, so tasty and full of amazing flavours 🙂 Many countries in Latin America have similarities in their cuisine like corn, rice, beans, but each country still has unique ingredients that gives their individualism. Anyway, it’s just splendid, it’s a must!!

Panamanian food

Latin America is just wonderful and I can’t wait to visit more countries and enjoy them as much as I enjoyed Panama and Costa Rica. There’s so much more to add, but this is a good summary 🙂

I believe travelling is truly something that enriches a person, that can change the way you think, it can bring new people in your life, teach you new things and change you in a way that you’ll never be the same.

Thank you to our family & friends for making us feel at home, 10,000km from ours!


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